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Expert Cortisone Injections at the London Interventional Clinic Cortisone injections are a well-established treatment option for conditions that cause inflammation and pain, including arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis. At the London Interventional Clinic, our team led by our Medical Director Dr Stephen Humble, is dedicated to providing rapid, expert and safe cortisone injections to our patients. […]

Hay fever injections now available

Hay fever injections

Hay Fever Injections London – Now available Hay fever injections could be the solution to your hay fever symptoms. Itchy and watery eyes? Nasal congestion? Sneezing?  Snuffly, runny nose? Headaches? It’s that time of year when we constantly hope for warmer, sunnier days, but with this glorious weather comes high pollen counts.  Now, we are […]