Facet Joint Injections

Facet joint syndrome is a common musculoskeletal condition that results from the degeneration of the facet joints, which are small joints located between the vertebrae in the spine. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including aging, injury, or repetitive stress on the joints.

Facet Joint Syndrome is a common cause of Back Pain

Facet joint syndrome is a common cause of spinal pain that often goes untreated. This condition occurs when the facet joints, which are responsible for spinal movement and stability, become inflamed or arthritic. Facet Joint Medial Branch Blocks are a proven solution for relieving this type of pain. At the London Interventional Clinic, our team led by our Medical Director Dr Stephen Humble, offers Facet Joint Medial Branch Blocks to help diagnose and treat patients with intractable back pain.

What are Common Causes of Facet Joint Medial Branch Blocks?

Facet Joint Medial Branch Blocks are nerve blocks that target the nerve that supplies the facet joint. By blocking this nerve with local anaesthetic, the spinal pain can be relieved. The procedure not only confirms the diagnosis of facet joint syndrome but also enables more definitive treatment if required. This, in turn, helps avoid further unnecessary investigations and surgery. Some of the most common causes include: 

A Gold Standard for Diagnosing Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet Joint Medial Branch Blocks are considered the gold standard for diagnosing facet joint syndrome. They are a safe and reliable way to confirm the diagnosis, allowing for more accurate and effective treatment. This is a significant advantage for patients, who can receive proper care for their condition without the need for further testing or unnecessary interventions (2009).

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A Therapeutic Solution

Facet Joint Medial Branch Blocks are not only diagnostic but therapeutic in their own right. If the blocks provide temporary relief but only for a short period, radiofrequency treatment can be used to treat the syndrome over a longer time (2021). This treatment is performed in an outpatient theatre, meaning that patients can walk in and out within a few hours, minimising the time away from work and home.

Cortisone Injections

Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation and Strength

After the procedure, physical therapy is usually recommended to help patients rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles around the spine. This helps to ensure that the treatment is successful and that the patient experiences long-term relief from spinal pain.


Facet joint syndrome is a common cause of spinal pain that often goes untreated. Facet Joint Medial Branch Blocks are a safe, reliable, and effective solution for relieving this type of pain. The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure and with image guidance, making it a minimally invasive and convenient solution for patients. Physical therapy is also recommended to help patients recover and strengthen their muscles, ensuring long-term relief from spinal pain. Our team led by Dr Humble is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to help relieve pain and improve the quality of life for our patients.

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A facet joint injection is a minimally invasive procedure where a local anaesthetic and a steroid medication are injected into the painful facet joint to numb it and decrease inflammation.

The procedure typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes, followed by a short recovery period.

You may experience a slight pinch or discomfort during the injection. However, a local anaesthetic is used to minimise pain, and our team takes every measure to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Most patients begin to experience relief from pain within a few days following the procedure. However, everyone is different, and the time frame can vary.

The duration of pain relief varies from patient to patient. Some may experience relief for a few weeks, while others might enjoy the benefits for several months.

As with any medical procedure, there can be potential risks, including infection, bleeding, and allergic reactions. However, these are relatively rare. Minor side effects might include temporary soreness or bruising at the injection site.

Generally, patients can return to their normal activities the following day. However, we recommend you avoid strenuous activities for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

While a referral can be helpful, it is not always necessary. If you’re experiencing chronic back or neck pain, feel free to contact us directly to discuss your symptoms and treatment options.