Hay fever injections now available

Hay Fever Injections London – Now available

Hay fever injections could be the solution to your hay fever symptoms.

Itchy and watery eyes? Nasal congestion? Sneezing?  Snuffly, runny nose? Headaches? It’s that time of year when we constantly hope for warmer, sunnier days, but with this glorious weather comes high pollen counts.  Now, we are not complaining and hope the sun is here to stay, but the hay fever can take a hike!

If you have tried multiple over-the-counter remedies with no relief, maybe we can help. At the Hedox Clinic, we offer intramuscular cortisone injections for hay fever and allergies.

How hay fever injections work

The intramuscular injections into the gluteal muscle (in the buttock area) offer patients enhanced protection from the physical symptoms of hay fever that can be uncomfortable, disruptive, and frustrating for everyday life.  The injection can reduce symptoms for around three months and only one dose is needed. This steroid treatment is recommended for those with more severe symptoms and when other treatment methods have proved ineffective.

Hay fever injection results

After receiving the hay fever injection, it will take between one to 48 hours to see the effects.

Hay fever injection cost

The cost of this treatment is not as much as you may think. We offer this treatment for £100 for one injection treatment, which can relieve symptoms for up to three months.

So, if you’re fed up with suffering and would like to try intramuscular injections as a treatment for your hay fever.

Book in for your hay fever injections in London with Dr Stephen Humble at the Hedox Clinic either in our  Harley Street Clinic or Twickenham Clinic now by calling 0208 185 7273 or emailing

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