Transforaminal Epidurals

Transforaminal epidurals, also known as selective nerve root blocks, are a common type of treatment used to alleviate pain in patients suffering from back or neck conditions. During the procedure, a physician will use X-ray guidance to inject corticosteroids and anesthetic into the space around a spinal nerve root, which can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Say Goodbye to Sciatica Pain with Transforaminal Epidural Injections

Back pain is a common problem affecting millions of people worldwide. If you are suffering from back pain caused by a herniated or slipped spinal disc, you may be struggling to find relief. Transforaminal Epidural injections offer a safe and effective solution to relieve back pain and promote healing.

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Targeted Relief for Herniated or Slipped Discs

A Transforaminal Epidural injection is designed to target the affected area of the spinal disc with precision. The injection of anaesthetic and cortisone directly to the source of pain helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing. This technique offers a less invasive alternative to spinal surgery, making it an attractive option for many patients. According to a study published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery (2013), transforaminal epidural injections have been shown to be effective in providing pain relief for patients with herniated discs.

Outpatient Procedure with Fast Recovery Time

The procedure is performed in an outpatient theatre and does not require an overnight stay. Fluoroscopic (X-ray) guidance is used to ensure safety and accuracy during the procedure. Patients can walk in and out of the clinic within a few hours, minimizing time away from work and home. Another study published in 2020 reported that transforaminal epidural injections were a safe and well-tolerated procedure with a low risk of complications.

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Physical Therapy for Optimal Rehabilitation

After the procedure, specialist physical therapy is usually recommended to help the patient rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles around the spine. This support helps to ensure a successful recovery and reduces the risk of future back pain. Indeed, physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process for patients with back pain, helping to improve function and reduce the risk of future injury.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain Today

If you are tired of suffering from back pain and are ready to find relief, Transforaminal Epidural injections may be the solution you are looking for. With its minimally invasive nature and fast recovery time, you can say goodbye to back pain and get back to your daily activities in no time.

Transforaminal Epidural injections offer a safe, effective, and less invasive alternative to spinal surgery for those suffering from back pain caused by a herniated or slipped spinal disc. With its precise delivery and fast recovery time, patients can receive the relief they need and get back to their daily activities quickly. The combination of the procedure and physical therapy can provide long-lasting relief and reduce the risk of future back pain.


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